Andaman is a tropical paradise, boasting all sorts of natural wonders. With a three in one ecosystem, Andaman displays some of the most picturesque sights one can behold. It has white sandy beaches lined with palm trees, deep mangrove forests where one can trek, a volcano island, and also has a colourful marine ecosystem. Corals are best seen in Andaman. Apart from these however, Andaman also has great water sports for the adrenalin needy.

If you have any desire to enjoy water sports in Andaman, Andaman Discover is the best option for you. It will keep everything ready for your adrenalin rush even before you arrive Andaman.

1. Sea Walk: Sea walking is a great way to feel the ocean floor. You can get up close and personal with the sand dunes in the sea floor and its marine ecosystem. The process involves in making you wear an oxygen helmet for easy breathing, and the rest of your body remains bare. It is a great water sport activity if you want to see the fishes and aquatic animals.

2. Scuba Diving: Many 5 star resorts have their in built Scuba Diving schools with capable instructors. If you aren’t staying at a hotel that is providing such services, you may use the other scuba schooling services offered outside. Scuba Schools may require you to know swimming if you want to go scuba diving alone or with your party, otherwise they send a diving instructor for safe diving. Wrap onto your oxygen cylinders and swim amidst the pools of fishes and take in the marine life.

3. Jet Ski: Speed is synonymous to thrill and some people want speed wherever they go. Andaman islands display speed sports with jet skiing, where you might take a water craft and leap over waves and have fun. Jet skis are fast and fun, and would ensure you have an adrenalin rush every time you sit on one. Jet skis are not difficult to drive, however it needs proper caution from the driver.

4. Snorkelling: If your dream is snorkelling and you are in the Andaman islands, you can happily check the dream off your bucket list, as Andaman has a wide range of Snorkelling services provided by a number of companies. Now strap onto a snorkel and dive as long as you want, amidst the colourful corals and sea life of the Andaman.

5. Angling: Sport fishing is another sport that you would want to do if you want excitement while fishing. Book large boats or go solo, angling is a fun activity which makes you drenched and excited.

To make sure you enjoy the best in water sports in Andaman, choose Andaman Discover as the travel partner.

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