Locating in remote south-east corner of the mainland India Andaman & Nicobar Islands have emerged as one of the most influential tourism hubs in Indian sub-continent. Andaman & Nicobar Islands have three districts, north & middle Andaman (headquarter: Mayabandar), south Andaman and Nicobar (headquarter: Car Nicobar). The city of Port Blair, situated in south Andaman, is the capital of the Union Territory of Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

We’ll now sail through, discover the closets of the different places of the islands under the two categories, as follows:


Port Blair, the capital city: located in the east coast of the south Andaman is the gateway to step into this archipelago. Beside the various water sports activities it upholds its history, culture and anthropological diversity. Major points are the Cellular Jail, Anthropological Museum, Fisheries Museum, Samudrika, Zoological Survey of India Museum, Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex, Chatham Saw Mill, Sagarika, Gandhi Park, Science Centre, etc.

Around Port Blair your must-see destinations are:

Mt. Harriet: Mt. Harriet, the highest peak of south Andaman was the summer headquarters of the chief commissioner in the British period, famous for its magnificent view of the sea and beaches around and for birding.

Madhuban: can be reached from Mt Harriet by 16 km trekking amidst the forest, different species of birds and butterflies.

Sippighat Agricultural Farm: 80 acres farm, run by the government, produces spices like cinnamon, coconut, pepper, clove, nutmeg, etc.

Ross Island: offers its historical heritage mixed with natural beauty remained the British capital from 1858 to 1941 until Japan occupied it and turned into a ‘POW’ site. The light and sound show tells its story except Wednesday.

Cinque Island: a spectacular amalgamation of the coral, marine life and rain forest, and the separation of the island between north and south, again is connected by a sand-bar, made the island unique.

Havelock Islands: the white sandy beaches, rich coral reefs and the evergreen forest made the islands obvious tourist destination. The beaches like Radhanagar, Vijaynagar, Kalapathar, and Elephant are its prides. In 2004, TIME termed Radhanagar Beach as “Best in Asia”. Elephant beach was among the worst hits by 2004’ Tsunamy. But still possibly possess the greatest coral deposition.

Neil Island: located at south Andaman, known as “vegetable bowl”, famous for white sandy beaches, rain forest, bio-diversity, coral reef. The popular beaches are Lakshmanpur 1 & 2, Bharatpur, Sitapur, etc. Other places are Neil Kendra and Sir Hugh Rose Island, locally called ‘Chota Neil (small Neil)’, and declared as a sanctuary and the turtle-nesting centre.

Long island: three exotic beaches like Lalaji Bay, Merk Bay, Guiter Island made it an unavoidable seduction for the tourists.

Baratang Island: located in between south and middle Andaman. Magnificent beaches, mangrove creeks, mud volcano and limestone caves are its uniqueness.

Rangat: wooden boardwalk through the mangrove creek in Dhanninallah, turtle nesting at Dhaninallah and at Cutbert Bay beach, twin rock formation, fresh water stream at Moricedera, eco-friendly beach at Amkunj, mangrove park, creek at Yerrata and the waterfall at Panchavati Hills made Rangat spellbinding.

Mayabunder: located in north Andaman. Famous for Karmatang, Rampur beaches, German Jetty, Avis, Interview Islands, etc.

Diglipur: blessed with the river Kalpong, Saddle Peak (732 m) - highest peak in A&N, the beaches like Lamiya Bay, Ramnagar, Pathi Level, Mud Volcano, turtle nesting at Kalipur beach, twin islands – Ross & Smith, Limestone caves (Alfred Caves), etc.

Little Andaman: offers sea-surfing, boating, elephant safari, etc. The major attractions are Butler Bay, Netajinagar beaches, White Surf Waterfall, Whisper Wave, etc.

Nicobar Islands

The Great Nicobar, the Campbell Bay are the tourist destinations in Nicobar, opened for only Indians. Major attractions are ‘Indira Point’ – southernmost tip of India, the rare bird Megapode and the only biosphere reserve in A&N Islands.

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