Andaman islands are a drop of paradise on the vast expanse of the Bay of Bengal. They are known as a tropical island paradise, famous for its wonderful views and beautiful beaches. Andaman islands are also one of those few places on Earth where you can see an active volcano from up close! Tourists in search for true natural beauty often come to Andaman, and leave with great stories in their hearts. And when it comes to snorkelling, there is no better option than Andaman Discover. Andaman Discover provides you the best and most exciting snorkelling options.

There is a mix of natural elements in play here in the Andaman Islands. From white sandy beaches to deep mangrove forests to high cliffs and limestone caves, Andaman Islands have it all for you to see and experience. Apart from the sightseeing places, Andaman also features an extensive and tourism dedicated water sports chain built specifically for adrenalin junkies who want to have fun doing various interesting activities while in the Andaman.

Apart from the usual water sports like banana boat riding, wind sailing, boating, fishing, jet skiing, seabed walking and other things, one activity shines like a diamond, and it is snorkelling. Andaman are famous for its coral reefs, and one of the ways to see and fall in love with the marine ecosystem from up close is snorkelling. Many people find peace while snorkelling and it has been classified as the best water sport for tourists to indulge in. Andaman has got professionals who conduct snorkelling sessions and hence, snorkelling sessions are completely risk free and provides extensive thrill to tourists.

There are many hotels and standalone services that provide snorkelling as a water sport activity and they can be used for having a great time looking at the magnificent sea life, consisting of colourful fishes and corals.

Andaman are a beautiful group of islands and all the water sport activities along with the sightseeing activities make it an extremely pretty package for tourism.


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