Andaman has two faces to display. One is exterior, comprising with islands, sea beaches, delicious sea food, coconut and palm fringed shore line, hills, evergreen forest, anthropological diversity and history and the other one is interior, consisting with the coral reef, marine life, etc. To explore that interior, sea walk is one of the best helps. Andaman Discover can help you explore both the faces of Andaman. It has all services ready for a busy traveler so that everyone can find out the true beauty of Andaman via Andaman Discover.

Sea walk is an adventurous walk on the sea bed under the 10 m deep approx. Anybody from the age group of 7 – 60 can do it. Swimming skill is not required. Andaman visit will remain unaccomplished if you miss this once-in-a-lifetime experience. While walking on the white sandy sea floor you’ll enjoy the flora and fauna, coral, marine life and a wide variety of fishes and will realize how beautiful our life is on the planet earth.

Andaman renders you such like-never-before experience only in couple of places; North Bay Beach in Port Blair and Elephant Beach in Havelock.

Sea walks at North Bay Island

One of the ‘much-shouted-after’ destinations in Andaman is North Bay Island around Port Blair, not only for its magnificent natural beauty but also for sea walking which is the exclusive characteristic of that island. The speed boat which will take you to the North Bay Island will leave from Rajiv Gandhi Water sports Complex. Now buy the ticket, catch the ferry and sail towards North Bay. If possible, take one more set of clothe with you. On the spot, you’ll step down a ladder into the sea from the boat. You must have to wear the 35 kg helmet equipped with oxygen cylinder. A trained specialist will accompany you under the water. Now you’ve entered into another world of flora and fauna, corals, fishes, etc. You are now walking on the sea bed 7-10 m under the water. You can even feed those fishes on your hand. Within a moment you’ll be surrounded with hoards of colorful fishes. You’ll stay under the water for 25 min. approx. when you’ll come out, a CD, containing the spectacular photographs of the world under water will be given to you for a token of your ‘Andaman memories’.

Elephant beach

Elephant beach in Havelock Island was immensely affected by the Tsunamy’2004. The island was torn up. Since very recent the adventurous water sports like sea walking, scuba diving and snorkeling, etc. have been started. In spite of immense loss the beach still feels proud for its impressive coral deposition, probably best in the island. For sea walking at elephant beach you have to catch the ferry from Havelock jetty. The preparation for sea walk and the underwater activity are same as North Bay Island. Walking on the white sandy sea floor, experiencing the color-riot of the corals and unknown aquatic plants, walking a dream walk through the colorful world of fish, touching them, feeding them are some unforgettable experience you’ll have here.

You’ve to pay for all those service. The best ‘sea walk service providers’ are Sealink Adventure’s, InfinitiLiveAbroad, etc. Words of caution: the sea walking is not safe for pregnant and the patients suffering from asthma and cardiac problem.


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