Andaman islands are a cluster of islands to the south east of Bay of Bengal. It is a tropical paradise known for its pleasing to the eye locales. It has got three ecosystems melding together to form a blissful paradise. And to enjoy it to the most choose Andaman Discover as your preferred travel agency. It boasts of offers full of scuba diving opportunities.

There is the sea ecosystem, land ecosystem and the marine ecosystem which creates a beautiful and balanced fusion in the form of an active volcano, white sandy beaches and azure blue oceans. When it comes to having an adventure time in Andaman islands, it offers a range of water sports to give a thrilling experience to the tourist.

Among the other water sports of Andaman, Scuba diving is a favourite among tourists. In scuba diving you get to swim across schools of fishes, exploring the marine life deep inside the sea, around coral reefs exploring the shallow sea beds. The diving schools of Andaman provide with all the attire for scuba diving, and they also provide instructors for you to learn diving. Contact Andaman Discover to learn more about Scuba Diving options in Andaman.

You can take full courses for diving during your stay, and these courses last from 2 days to 5 days, between which you will be taught how to be a certified diver. After having a clearance to drive, you may participate in small sessions of diving at first, and then elevate your diving session to longer periods of time with small groups. You can explore the dive sites around Neil and Havelock islands with experienced and amiable dive masters after you have been taught.

Scuba diving is a lot of fun, and it shouldn’t be missed. It is magical, mystical and would take your breath away. Above all it is an experience to be remembered!


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