Andaman islands are a tropical heaven for tourists and they boast a great experience with nature. The islands have got everything from an active volcano, windy rocky paths, palm lined beaches, white sandbars connecting the Ross and Smith island, to uninhabited beaches, and great water sports. However, Andaman islands also have experience in catering to tourist needs, and therefore also showcase some of the greatest hotel resorts you would ever come across in an island paradise such as this.

1. Barefoot: Barefoot is a hotel/resort that gives you the best treatment in Ayurveda. It also grants tourists with the opportunity to learn scuba diving with the help of instructors. Barefoot is known for its food, great views from the resort and its catering prowess. This hotel/resort is ideal for both families and couples.

2. Sinclairs Bayview: As the name states, this hote gives a splendid view of the sea. In fact, it is one of the fewer hotels in Andaman that serves 5 star and gives a great view. Grounded at South Point in Port Blair, it is a must stay for nature lovers, who can bask in the sea’ view. This hotel is famous for catering evenings atop its terrace, amidst the feel of the open sea. Moreover, this hotel serves thrill in the form of a bunker from the WWII days, with its canon still on display!

3. Shreesh: Touring Andaman can be a costly affair, and to save up on hotel expenses the name of Shreesh usually comes up in every traveller’s vocabulary. This is a very pocket friendly hotel with cheap food and good service. This hotel is ideal for business travellers and backpackers.

4. Silver Sand: This hotel in Havelock is one of the best 5 star hotels in the islands, offering great views of the sea. Families can enjoy all the amenities provided at the private beach, including scuba diving, snorkelling, angling and boat rides on the sea. To get the best resorts for your stay in Andaman, choose Andaman Discover. It is a specialist in making deals when it comes to resorts hunting.


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