Another jewel in the crown of Andaman and Nicobar Island is Havelock Island. It’s situated 57 km. north-east from Port Blair. The island has many faces to see, many treasures to discover. It’s named after a British General, Henry Havelock, serves you its picturesque beaches, opportunities of scuba diving, snorkeling, sea-walk, fishing, kayaking, elephant riding, etc. The island cordially welcomes the honeymooners and you.

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Must-see destinations of Havelock are as follows:

Radhanagar beach: the best beach in Asia (TIME, 2004), invites you to come, to see and to conquer the serenity and the beauty of its silky white sandy beach lying back on the woods lazily. The lonely beach, located in far from the madding crowd, is the perfect hideout for the honeymooners. It presents you the joy of swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, sun-basking, bare-foot walking through the beach-corridor, elephant riding and spectacular sunset beside a lagoon nearby, named ‘blue lagoon’.

Vijaynagar beach: bordered with the swaying coconut, palm and mahua trees, this white sandy beach offers you the delightful long walk through the beach, the joy of swimming and sunbathing.

Elephant beach: the beach was badly affected with the Tsunami in Dec, 2004. Only a portion of the beach is standing on bearing the wounds, still offering you possibly the best coral in the island. So snorkeling is a great experience here.

Kalapathar beach: the shoreline is punctuated with chunks of black stone, named after the village, Kalapathar, offers you an immensely beautiful beach-view. It is located in a lonely corner of Havelock Island.

Havelock Island offers you sea-walk, scuba diving, snorkeling and game fishing and other merriments.

Sea walk: the Elephant beach provides you the opportunity of sea walk. It’s all about walking on the sea bed. Everybody can do it even without having swimming skill.

Scuba diving: it is one of the most popular tourist activities in Havelock Island. The numbers of ‘diving school’ organize the scuba diving in the different sites around the island. It’s also everybody’s fun. The scuba diving sites in Havelock Island are both deeper and shallower. The most popular sites are Johnny’s Gorge, Light House, Elephant beach, Pilot reef, the Wall, Aquarium, Dixon’s Pinnacle, Jackson’s Bar, Minerva Ledge, etc.

Snorkeling: is the delightful treat in the Elephant beach and the Radhanagar beach. Going out for fishing and trekking through the forest and the sea-shore are the other interesting activities you can do there.


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