Andaman is the one of the major tourist destinations of the world. It comes under the warm tropical climate with moderate range of annual temperature from 23⁰C to 31⁰C. The summer, monsoon and the winter are the three major seasons Andaman experiences throughout the year. The best rendition Andaman can offer is its nature.

And the nature metamorphoses with the changing seasons. So, it cannot be said, truly, there is any ideal time to visit Andaman. Just keep coming to discover the always changing Andaman throughout the year with Andaman Discover. Let’s discuss the touring condition and the opportunity in different seasons.

Summer: it stays in Andaman from March to middle of May. The summer here is warm and pleasant with almost 80% humidity. The average minimum temperature remains 24⁰C and the maximum remains 37⁰C. The sea breeze doesn’t allow it to be uncomfortably hot and humid. So, all kinds of touring activities can be achieved.

Monsoon: monsoon comes twice in a year, firstly, from May to middle of September and secondly, from November to middle of December. During monsoon the islands receives 318 cm rainfall and the average range of temperature remains from 22.5⁰C to 29.9⁰C. This time the weather becomes rough, tidy and uneven with frequent rain. The underwater visibility becomes zero. The sea becomes furious, risky to sail through. So, visiting Andaman in monsoon is not a good idea, as recommended. But the blackish grey watery cloud, rain-drenched sea, the swaying, dwindling evergreen canopy of the rain forest across the sea shore and the sunset behind the torn up cloud create surreal phenomena you’ll miss if you don’t visit Andaman in monsoon.

Winter: winter lasts from December to February, is bright, sunny and not-so-cold with average range of temperature from 22⁰C to 30⁰C. The winter allows you to pursue all the sea and beach activities and merriments.

So, it’s the best time to step into Andaman from October to May. Weather remains calm, bright and sunny, allows the sight-seeing and all the fun and frolic. The Durga Puja and the Mari Amman Festival of October and 10 days island tourism fest of December-January are the added advantage of visiting Andaman.

You can contact Andaman Discover to know more about Andaman. It will provide you all details pertaining to weather, culture, tourism and stays in Andaman.

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