Andaman is a cluster of Tropical Island that is in no short of a paradise. From long stretch of beaches to deep mangroves, Andaman has it all. Tourism in Andaman has seen a huge bump, with more investments going in, making Andaman one of the hot and happening places on the map. Andaman is an ultimate traveller’s destination as Andaman isn’t short on history, nor entertainment. Andaman is famous for its beaches, with some being the most beautiful beaches in Asia and the world.

The Radhanagar beach is known for its beauty and has been cited by TIME magazine in 2007 for being one of the best beaches in the world. Then comes the Cellular Jail, which was crucial for the Indian Freedom Struggle. This is the place which housed important political prisoners who chanted anti British slogans against the Raj.

The limestone caves at Baratang islands are worth seeing as well. The journey towards this island would be well remembered by tourists, as the path is strewn in dangerous elements of the sea and the forest, including snakes and sea crocodiles.

Apart from the usual sight seeing places in Andaman, there are also a plethora of activities available for tourists to indulge themselves in. Andaman features instructed scuba diving, snorkelling, rowing, banana boat riding, speed jetting, wind sailing and fishing atop yachts.

The Andaman as of now has also started the ocean floor walking activity which is gaining popularity. Holidaying in Andaman is an experience. It shouldn’t be missed and hence Andaman is in the bucket list of many people. Moreover, as Andaman Discover provides the best services in terms of tourism, you can be rest assured that you will get the best in Andaman tourism without any doubt. Andaman Discover will make sure that you enjoy your tour the most.


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