The Andaman islands are a beautiful group of islands that adorn the Bay of Bengal. It is a mix of sea, sand and forests that provides a beautiful setting for tourists to come and experience the tropical island paradise in full swing. The Andamans boast of everything from dank yet exciting forests, to an active volcano, to deep azure seas that calms the senses, to a colourful marine ecosystem. The Andamans have something for everyone. It is a great holiday destination and is frequented by families and couples. The best way to discover Andaman islands is to take one of its many island tours that would give an idea what Andaman islands are and what they can offer.

If you come with a family, Andaman Discover has loads to offer. Most Andaman tour packages are constructed with utmost care for all age groups by Andaman Discover. If you come to Andaman, be sure to occupy your time with such packages offered by the company. What do these packages have to offer?

1. Historic monuments: When it comes to history, Andaman has a lot to offer. Andaman proudly showcases many architectures that reflect the once dark history Andaman was associated with. We have got the Kaala Pani which is a jail that served for holding political prisoners in the pre-independence India. Andaman has also got the Viper Island Jail which is an old jail which was used to silence the budding voices of the politicians who were fighting for the country’s independence.

2. Shopping: Andaman also has great artwork, and there are many places that sell local artwork and tribal artwork. One of such places is Aberdeen Bazaar and Sagarika Emporium.

3. Beaches: Andaman islands are famous for its beaches. Many of its beaches have been cited to be the best in Asia and are continuously placed in the top 50 beaches of the world. The most famous beach is the Radhanagar beach, which has been crowned the 7th best beach in the world. Andaman also showcases different kind of beaches. Beaches with white sand and sea are common, however, there are certain beaches that are silent and relaxing, without any kind of tourist cover, these beaches are mostly vacant and serve as great spots for family relaxation.

4. Water Sports: Andaman has a wide range of water sports for kids and adults to love. There are banana boat rides, surfing, wind sailing, ocean walking and speed jetting.

Andaman is a great place to be for families. Tour Andaman today!


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