Andaman is a beautiful island paradise on the Bay of Bengal. It harbours great examples of flora and fauna along with three ecosystems playing in tandem with one another. Apart from the sea ecosystem we have the land and the marine ecosystem, and all of them impart beautiful characteristics to the tropical island paradise. To get the most out of your travel plans, choose Andaman Discover as your travel agent. It is one of the most renowned agencies in Andaman.

Andaman is famous for its beaches, as such, it has got some of Asia’s most beautiful beaches around. Beach tours will provide you with an amazing experience as you get to feel the white sand beneath your bare feet, enjoy yourselves in the water, or just take pictures of the palm trees and sand walkways. The beach tour packages offered have great benefits for the tourist.

The packages offered by Andaman Discover will offer a well rounded tour of all the major beaches and as well as the lesser known hidden beaches of Andaman islands. The tours will include an up close and personal account with the beautiful flora and fauna surrounding the beaches and the azure sea. Not just that, most beaches offer enjoyable water sports like surfing, wind sailing, banana boat riding etc.

Andaman has great beaches, but some of the more popular beaches are Radhanagar beach, which was cited as one of the best beaches in the world, and the Ross and Smith island beach.

Beaches are not just sand sea and waves, a lot of nature’s wonders happen here. Beach tourism is picking up speed in Andaman and tourists are sure to love all the magic that happens in and around beaches, from a casual stroll to a busy nightlife.


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