Andaman islands are famous for being a tropical paradise. These are a cluster of islands to the south east of the Bay of Bengal famous for its views of the sea and its beaches. It has got world famous beaches and features diverse life forms. From the aquatic ecosystem to the land ecosystem, these islands are hotspots of nature and are majestic to experience.

Tourism in Andaman has taken a new high and people are pouring in from different countries. For their accommodation a fleet of supreme hotels have been erected that excel in every category, from food to room services. These hotels are top of the line and their number is growing every year keeping up with the influx of tourist. Andaman Discover understands this and hence it has tied up with some of the best hotels in Andaman. By choosing Andaman Discover as your travel partner you can be sure of comfort, peace and security.

These hotels, apart from the general fooding and lodging give exceptional services like party hosting, customized touring of the Andaman Islands, sometimes with their tour guide or sometimes a local. These hotels can be fun to stay at as some of these hotels have private beaches, meaning you would be undisturbed, with the excess of noise filtered out. These hotels also give amazing views of the ocean. Some of these hotels are built with a contoured forest background and a foreground of a calm blue sea.

Some of the hotels also have personalized packages like sauna, massage parlours and even gives water sport services in the form of privatized diving schools with some of the best instructors and dive masters. They also provide fishing services on a boat of your choice, and jet skiing services. Overall, 5 star hotels in the Andaman are great of holidaying if you come with a good budget, as these places put more on the plate than is mentioned, and they would leave you feeling satisfied.

Some of the best 5 star hotels are:

  • » Barefoot
  • » Silver Sand Beach Resort
  • » Seashell
  • » Symphony Palms Beach Resort
  • » Sea Princess


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