Andaman is a paradise island. It is famous for its white sand and palm lined beaches, lying peacefully amidst the playground of three ecosystems. It has lush mangrove forests, deep blue seas around it and a great number of beautiful island with great beaches. Andaman has Radhanagar beach, which was cited to be one of the best beaches of the world.

Being a tourist centric island cluster, it is bound to have hotels and resorts that come in all shapes and sizes, and come in a range of budgets. There are numerous two star hotels in Andaman that provide a host of amenities. These hotels are certified and have been reviewed by past travellers who have stayed in these hotels.

Most of the 2 star hotels are classified as budget hotels, with only some crossing the mark. These two star hotels have great views, lovely bedding and satisfactory services. What else? These hotels, mostly are situated in Port Blair, and hence is in the central point of interest of the island.

Andaman Discover can arrange the best 2 star hotels for your stay in Andaman. It has tied up with the most interesting accommodations in Andaman and hence Andaman Discover is the most trusted travel agency you can rely on for your travel to Andaman and Nicober islands.

The hotels offer great views of the sea and of the city, for which most travellers recommend these hotels that are built in the shade of palm trees, looking towards the sea. The hotels have great services and have been credited to have great food services as well.

Travellers looking for a cheap getaway to the Andamans can consider these 2 star hotels as they are cheap and not compromising on quality. In a fierce tourism market, these 2 star hotels try to give more than expected, resulting in premium services offered at a cheap rate.


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